Why You Should Be Overseeding Your Lawn

Why You Should Be Overseeding Your Lawn

Every lawn owner wants to have a lush, green and healthy lawn but that is going to take some work.  You are going to have to take the time to water, mow and fertilize your lawn.  It will require different tools or you will have to hire a lawn care company to look after everything for you.  Doing it yourself is okay for mowing the lawn but most homeowners don’t know the benefits of aerating or overseeding and how they can give you the lawn that you are wanting.  Here are some of the perks of overseeding and why you should be doing it.

Eliminate Brown Spots

There are plenty of lawns that end up with huge brown patches or bald patches where grass doesn’t seem to be growing at all.  Much of the time the cause is pretty easy to figure out, there is too much foot traffic, the rising summer temperature or neglect.  Overseeding the lawn can help fill in these bald patches and make your lawn look good again.

Droughts in the Summer

When the hot summer days roll around and there isn’t enough rain that can cause brown patches in the lawn.  The lack of water stresses the grass and you end up with ugly patches.  Yes you will need to water the lawn but overseeding at the same time will help restore your lawn to good health and have it looking good again.

Thicker Grass

Many home owners find the grass on their lawns isn’t thick enough, most of the time it is because they used too much fertilizer in the spring time.  Mowing too often or cutting the grass too short is also a problem.  When you overseed the lawn it helps to encourage thicker grass to grow in.  Overseeding isn’t a simple process and you are better off bringing in a lawn care company to take care of it for you.

More Durable Lawn

Your grass takes more wear and tear than you think it does.  Overseeding will help your lawn to withstand foot traffic, keep pests away and prevent illnesses that pests can cause.  A thicker healthier lawn is a more durable lawn and overseeding can help you to have that.

Overseeding has lots of perks and it can help your lawn stay lush and healthy.  Talk to your lawn care company about whether your lawn should be overseeded and how it can benefit you.

Finding the Right Lawn Care Service

Finding the Right Lawn Care Service

When it comes time to choosing a lawn care service picking the right provider is just as important as any other home services provider.  A good lawn care company can take your patchy ugly lawn and turn it into something that your neighbors will envy.  If you are considering selling your home then you want the best curb appeal possible.  Enjoying the backyard in the summertime with friends and family is something every homeowner wants.  Now when it comes to finding the right lawn care service you need to keep three things in mind, price, reputation, and service.

Best Bang for Your Buck

Everyone wants to feel like there are getting a good deal and getting value for their money.  Lawn care companies can vary drastically in their rates.  The price will depend on the size of your lawn.  Some companies will charge very little and probably do very little besides just a straight mow.  More expensive companies will cut your grass and take care of weeds, ticks, fertilizing and seasonal cleanups.  You may want someone in the middle, you want everything done to maintain your lawn while not costing you an arm and a leg.

A Good Reputation

You want the services of a company that has a good reputation.  A company with a good reputation generally offers good service at a fair price, they show up when they say they will and get the job done.  That is exactly what you need.  Finding these companies means either getting recommendations from friends and family or colleagues.  If you think someone’s lawn looks good then ask them who does take care of it.  You can also check companies out on Google to see what other customers have to say.

Excellent Service

You may end up with half a dozen lawn care companies offering you the same services at roughly the same price so how do you choose among them.  Well, which one offers the best customer service overall.  Who answers their phone in a friendly manner and sends someone over to your house to price the job.  Which company made you feel valued as a customer?  Who took the time to talk to you about what you needed and offered suggestions to give you the best service at the best price?  That is the team that you want to work with, price is often the first factor that people consider when choosing a company to work with but don’t overlook service it is just as important.

Sprinkler Systems for Green Grass

Sprinkler Systems for Green Grass

We all want perfect green lawns with flowers blooming and healthy shrubs but perfect landscaping doesn’t happen by accident.  A lush lawn takes love and care and a whole bunch of work.  One of the things that is crucial to a healthy lawn is a good supply of water.  Now you can go out there with the hose every time your lawn needs it but that will get old after a while so a sprinkler system is your best option.

Residential Sprinkler Systems

You have two options for sprinklers you can get the above ground systems or you can have an in-ground system put in.  Most people have the above ground option it is quick and easy and it won’t cost much.  You can pick up a sprinkler system at any home improvement store.  The draw backs are that if you have a bigger lawn you will have to move it around to make sure the entire lawn gets adequate water.

In-Ground Systems

In-ground systems are extremely convenient you can make sure that the entire lawn gets enough water.  You can set a timer for them so that they come on at the perfect time of day and only water your grass for a specific amount of time.  They are also mostly hidden from view so you’re not stuck looking at a sprinkler in the middle of the yard.  The drawback is that they are expensive to install and you will have to get a contractor in to take care of it for you.

Which to Choose

There are dozens of different options when it comes to getting a sprinkler system whether you opt for an in-ground or above ground system.  From just a basic sprinkler that rotates back and forth to a high tech system laid out in zones all across your yard.  You can activate your sprinkler manually or have it working on some type of timer system.  Which you choose will largely depend on your budget and the size of the lawn that you have to keep watered.  If you are still unsure about which is right for you then talk to a lawn care company.  They can make recommendations based on your lawn and the area of the country that you live in.

A green lush lawn starts with regular watering and the right sprinkler system can help to make sure that your lawn is watered regularly.

Myths About Lawn Care

Myths About Lawn Care

You wake up one morning and take your coffee cup outside and the lawn looks like absolute crap.  A professional lawn service is out of the question and getting a herd of cattle to graze your lawn is out of the question too.  You have bald patches that may or may not be from the neighbor’s dog, or it could be the cat.  Where do you begin to fix it?  First you need to dispel some of the myths surrounding lawn care and learn what actually works.

Weed Killer

Let’s start with weeds.  Get rid of the notion that weed killer is a permanent solution, it isn’t.  Even if you kill this year’s crop of weeds they will keep coming back as long as there is dirt and seeds for them to grow, so count on them coming back year after year. Your best bet is to kill the weeds before they start to grow, in the springtime.  Winter frost kills the weeds themselves but not the seeds, lay down some seed killer in the spring to take care of it.  Again you are going to need to do this every year.

Stop Blaming the Dog

Bare spots in the lawn aren’t necessarily the dog’s fault most of the time that can be fixed by raking and seeding the lawn in the spring.  When the dog does his business on your lawn it will stop the seeds from germinating, first keep the dog out and second you are going to need new topsoil.  You can transplant some grass from one part of the yard to the other but make sure it is the same type of grass so the lawn stays the same color.

Brown patches in your lawn also happen when you don’t get enough rain.  You should avoid cutting the grass too short, that way it will stay greener longer.  Make sure that you lay down some fertilizer in the spring and check the pH of your soil it may be too acidic.  If you have a lot of trees on your property it may be keeping the sun from getting through to the grass.  Water your lawn early in the morning or late in the evening and you should do this once a week.  One good watering is better than watering every day.

Keep Your Blades Sharp

Sharp blades give your grass a clean cut and keeping it from browning in the sun.  Mow in different directions, that will give you an even cut and no stripes down the yard from the wheels.

A beautiful lush lawn is possible with a little bit of work.

Getting Rid of Crabgrass

Getting Rid of Crabgrass

Crabgrass is the enemy of anyone wanting a lush green lawn.  Crabgrass can grow anywhere and ruining the look of your pristine lawn and many a homeowner has battled this stubborn weed.  However crabgrass is not the end of the world and getting rid of crabgrass can be done, let us show you how.

Different Types of Crabgrass

There is actually two different types of crabgrass, the first is referred to as large crabgrass and if left alone it can grow up to three feet high.  You can’t miss it and yanking it out of the ground is hard when it gets that high.  The other type is referred to as creeping and it spreads across your lawn horizontally and this is the type that most homeowners really detest.

When to Cut Your Grass

The first step in getting rid of crabgrass is to not trim your grass too short.  Don’t cut the grass below three inches.  You want to let the grass get a little longer to keep the sun from getting to the ground, crabgrass needs lots of sun to grow.  Letting your grass get a bit longer is good for your lawn and bad for crabgrass.

Water Your Grass Thoroughly

Keeping your grass watered is instrumental in eliminating weeds especially crabgrass.  You don’t need to water every day but when you do water the lawn you want to water it thoroughly and let the water soak into the roots deeply.  The roots of crabgrass sit very close to the surface and when you wait to water it give the roots of the crabgrass the chance to die naturally, at the same time you develop stronger and deeper roots of the good grass.


You need to look for spotty areas in your lawn and then you want to overseed to help end up with a fuller and thicker lawn.  You need to prepare the area for the grass seed to germinate but overseeding will help you have a healthy lawn and leave no room for the crabgrass to take hold.

Pull it Out

You can easily pull out the crabgrass from your lawn but if you don’t want it to keep coming back then you need to make sure that you get out the entire root all at once.  Do it after you water the lawn or after rain, put all of the grass into one clump and pull them out slowly.  You may need to use a weeding tool to help you get the whole root.  Many gardeners find yanking weeds out the best part of working in the garden.

Saving Money on Lawn Care Costs

Saving Money on Lawn Care Costs

Having someone come in every week to maintain your lawn and keep it looking lush and beautiful may be a luxury that you can’t afford.  When times get tough you may have to make some cutbacks and saving money on your lawn care costs might be an option for you.  How can you reduce the costs without affecting the appearance and health of your lawn?  Let’s look at how you can save money.

Reduce the Frequency of Service

If you are getting your lawn done weekly during the summer months when the grass grows quickly then you are being charged for each and every time the lawn care company shows up.  Change your service from weekly to bi-weekly or even just once a month.  In between times the onus will be on you to look after the lawn but it will save you money overall.

Check Pricing

If you have been dealing with the same company for years and years it may be time to shop around and see if there is a better deal out there.  You can check with the competitors and see if you can’t get a better price.  You can use that number to negotiate with your current company and get a better deal if you are happy with their services.

Water Less Often

If your sprinkler system works on a timer then reset the amount of time to only half the normal watering time.  Make sure that you water your lawn either in the late evening or very early morning.  It will save you a ton on your water bills and won’t affect your lawn much if at all.

Make it a Chore

If you have kids then use the time honored tradition of getting them to mow the lawn for you.  If you cut back on the number of times that your lawn care company comes out once a month then get your kids to handle it the rest of the summer.  You can use it as a method for your teenager to earn their allowance or pocket money.  Kids have been doing it since lawns were invented and yours will live through the experience too.  If you don’t have teenagers then there is probably a kid in the neighborhood that could use the money.

Saving money on your lawn care costs isn’t as hard as you might think, a couple of changes is all you need to make a significant savings.

Aerating Your Lawn

Aerating Your Lawn

Take a walk around your neighborhood and it may surprise you to see just how many of your neighbors don’t really know much about lawn care.  The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  Most people thing that all they have to do is water their plants and cut the grass once in a while and your lawn is going to be healthy.  There is more to it than that in fact aerating your lawn is also a big part of taking care of your lawn.

What is Aerating Your Lawn?

Aerating your lawn is simply punching holes into your lawn.  You are probably wondering why you want to do anything like that but there is a good reason to do so.  It allows for air, water and fertilizer to get to the roots of your grass.  It can also loosen up hard soil that is compacted from traffic or heavy snow falls in the winter. Aerating your lawn also helps to break your roots apart and that helps encourage new growth and makes the root system stronger.

When to Aerate Your Lawn?

Most homeowners or landscape companies who regularly aerate their lawns usually do so in the spring when they are doing the normal spring cleanup.  Aerating in the spring can also help deal with run off and drainage problems.  If you live in an area with hard soil or soil that has been compacted by foot traffic then you should definitely aerate at least once a year.  If you have patches of grass that aren’t growing and you haven’t aerated the soil in a while then it is probably time to do so.

Choosing the Right Tools

Once you decide that your lawn needs to be aerated you are going to need the right tools to do it properly.  There are several tools that will get the job done to varying degrees.  The easiest and probably cheapest way to aerate your lawn is to get yourself some spiked shoes and start walking around your lawn.  As you walk across the grass you will punch holes into it.  The other option is to get over to a home improvement store or garden center and get a spike roller and you just walk it back and forth across the lawn to punch holes into it.

Aerating your lawn is important to the overall health of your grass, it is something that should be done each and every spring to make sure you have a healthy lawn all summer long.

Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care

As we become more conscious of our environment and the impact the use of chemicals has on our lawns more people are choosing organic lawn care instead.  Organic lawn care products are designed to help the soil by providing nutrients and minerals that will help your plants and grass grow and thrive.  Compost is an example of a natural and organic lawn care product, it is created naturally but not everyone has the time to make their own compost.

Organic Products

As the demand for organic lawn care products grows the industry has provided some great products that are quick and easy to use.  Even a decade ago there were only a handful of products available and most were too expensive to justify switching to organic gardening.  Today you have products like Summer Blend or High-Traffic Blend lawn care, you simply attach them to your garden hose and apply them while watering your lawn.

Lawn Maintenance

Organic lawn care isn’t just making sure not to use chemical pesticides it is how you look after your grass and plants overall.  That means keep the grass trimmed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis will help it to develop a solid root system.  The better the root system the better your grass can withstand drought conditions.  No matter where you live in the US summers get hot and grass can get dried out and start to brown.  The less watering you have to do the better, it saves money and helps the environment.

Add Worms

Earthworms aren’t just for fishing, as a matter of fact they are great for your lawn.  Adding earthworms to your soil allows them to act as natural aerators, the move through the soil and break up compacted soil.  They make space for air, water and essential nutrients to reach your root system.  They break up organic material into much smaller pieces so that it is easier to absorb.

Once you choose an organic lawn care product, be it in pellet for or a liquid product you can rest assured that you are cultivating a lawn that is safer for you and your family.  You will also find that more squirrels and birds will come into your yard because it is safer for them to do so, harsh chemical products can be dangerous to small birds and animals.  Having a beautiful lawn that you can enjoy all summer long is fantastic but not if it is at the expense of the environment.

Spring Lawn Care

Spring Lawn Care

After a long winter when the snow is finally gone and the temperatures finally warm up there is only one problem, your grass looks terrible.  But don’t worry it can be fixed and you can have your lush green grass back in no time at all.  Here are some spring lawn care tips to get your lawn back in shape.

When the temperatures drop in the cold winter months your grass goes into a state of dormancy.  It stops growing and it looks terrible, the state of dormancy during the winter makes it probe to damage because of freezing temperatures and the accumulation of snow.  For your grass to start looking good you need to start fixing the winter damage.

Cleaning Up the Debris

Before you start cutting the grass or laying down any seed you need to let your lawn dry out.  Grass that has too much water or is soggy can sustain damage when you try and cultivate it.  Once the area has dried out then you need to clean up any debris that has been left behind.  Raking the lawn will serve two purposes, it will pull up any debris and help to aerate the soil underneath.  Use a hard tine rake it will aerate and remove dead grass, plants and debris.

Deal with the Weeds

While you don’t actually have any weeds on your lawn yet now is the perfect time to prevent them from growing.  If you are prone to crab grass then you want to use weed killer early in April.  Once you apply the weed killer then you need to water the lawn.  Keeping your grass well-trimmed will also help to keep weeds from getting a foothold in your lawn.

Adding Fertilizer

Fertilizer gives your grass food and encourages healthy new growth above ground and in the root system.  The right fertilizer will create a lush healthy lawn, the grass will start to grow once the temperature reach 60F then your grass will start to grow again.  Don’t fertilize too early and don’t use a high nitrogen mix, they will help your lawn grow but it won’t help the root system.

If you want to have an amazing lawn this summer then you need to start taking care of it in the spring.  Taking some care in the spring will make sure everything looks fantastic all through the summer.