Getting Rid of Crabgrass

Getting Rid of Crabgrass

Crabgrass is the enemy of anyone wanting a lush green lawn.  Crabgrass can grow anywhere and ruining the look of your pristine lawn and many a homeowner has battled this stubborn weed.  However crabgrass is not the end of the world and getting rid of crabgrass can be done, let us show you how.

Different Types of Crabgrass

There is actually two different types of crabgrass, the first is referred to as large crabgrass and if left alone it can grow up to three feet high.  You can’t miss it and yanking it out of the ground is hard when it gets that high.  The other type is referred to as creeping and it spreads across your lawn horizontally and this is the type that most homeowners really detest.

When to Cut Your Grass

The first step in getting rid of crabgrass is to not trim your grass too short.  Don’t cut the grass below three inches.  You want to let the grass get a little longer to keep the sun from getting to the ground, crabgrass needs lots of sun to grow.  Letting your grass get a bit longer is good for your lawn and bad for crabgrass.

Water Your Grass Thoroughly

Keeping your grass watered is instrumental in eliminating weeds especially crabgrass.  You don’t need to water every day but when you do water the lawn you want to water it thoroughly and let the water soak into the roots deeply.  The roots of crabgrass sit very close to the surface and when you wait to water it give the roots of the crabgrass the chance to die naturally, at the same time you develop stronger and deeper roots of the good grass.


You need to look for spotty areas in your lawn and then you want to overseed to help end up with a fuller and thicker lawn.  You need to prepare the area for the grass seed to germinate but overseeding will help you have a healthy lawn and leave no room for the crabgrass to take hold.

Pull it Out

You can easily pull out the crabgrass from your lawn but if you don’t want it to keep coming back then you need to make sure that you get out the entire root all at once.  Do it after you water the lawn or after rain, put all of the grass into one clump and pull them out slowly.  You may need to use a weeding tool to help you get the whole root.  Many gardeners find yanking weeds out the best part of working in the garden.