Myths About Lawn Care

Myths About Lawn Care

You wake up one morning and take your coffee cup outside and the lawn looks like absolute crap.  A professional lawn service is out of the question and getting a herd of cattle to graze your lawn is out of the question too.  You have bald patches that may or may not be from the neighbor’s dog, or it could be the cat.  Where do you begin to fix it?  First you need to dispel some of the myths surrounding lawn care and learn what actually works.

Weed Killer

Let’s start with weeds.  Get rid of the notion that weed killer is a permanent solution, it isn’t.  Even if you kill this year’s crop of weeds they will keep coming back as long as there is dirt and seeds for them to grow, so count on them coming back year after year. Your best bet is to kill the weeds before they start to grow, in the springtime.  Winter frost kills the weeds themselves but not the seeds, lay down some seed killer in the spring to take care of it.  Again you are going to need to do this every year.

Stop Blaming the Dog

Bare spots in the lawn aren’t necessarily the dog’s fault most of the time that can be fixed by raking and seeding the lawn in the spring.  When the dog does his business on your lawn it will stop the seeds from germinating, first keep the dog out and second you are going to need new topsoil.  You can transplant some grass from one part of the yard to the other but make sure it is the same type of grass so the lawn stays the same color.

Brown patches in your lawn also happen when you don’t get enough rain.  You should avoid cutting the grass too short, that way it will stay greener longer.  Make sure that you lay down some fertilizer in the spring and check the pH of your soil it may be too acidic.  If you have a lot of trees on your property it may be keeping the sun from getting through to the grass.  Water your lawn early in the morning or late in the evening and you should do this once a week.  One good watering is better than watering every day.

Keep Your Blades Sharp

Sharp blades give your grass a clean cut and keeping it from browning in the sun.  Mow in different directions, that will give you an even cut and no stripes down the yard from the wheels.

A beautiful lush lawn is possible with a little bit of work.