Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care

As we become more conscious of our environment and the impact the use of chemicals has on our lawns more people are choosing organic lawn care instead.  Organic lawn care products are designed to help the soil by providing nutrients and minerals that will help your plants and grass grow and thrive.  Compost is an example of a natural and organic lawn care product, it is created naturally but not everyone has the time to make their own compost.

Organic Products

As the demand for organic lawn care products grows the industry has provided some great products that are quick and easy to use.  Even a decade ago there were only a handful of products available and most were too expensive to justify switching to organic gardening.  Today you have products like Summer Blend or High-Traffic Blend lawn care, you simply attach them to your garden hose and apply them while watering your lawn.

Lawn Maintenance

Organic lawn care isn’t just making sure not to use chemical pesticides it is how you look after your grass and plants overall.  That means keep the grass trimmed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis will help it to develop a solid root system.  The better the root system the better your grass can withstand drought conditions.  No matter where you live in the US summers get hot and grass can get dried out and start to brown.  The less watering you have to do the better, it saves money and helps the environment.

Add Worms

Earthworms aren’t just for fishing, as a matter of fact they are great for your lawn.  Adding earthworms to your soil allows them to act as natural aerators, the move through the soil and break up compacted soil.  They make space for air, water and essential nutrients to reach your root system.  They break up organic material into much smaller pieces so that it is easier to absorb.

Once you choose an organic lawn care product, be it in pellet for or a liquid product you can rest assured that you are cultivating a lawn that is safer for you and your family.  You will also find that more squirrels and birds will come into your yard because it is safer for them to do so, harsh chemical products can be dangerous to small birds and animals.  Having a beautiful lawn that you can enjoy all summer long is fantastic but not if it is at the expense of the environment.