Saving Money on Lawn Care Costs

Saving Money on Lawn Care Costs

Having someone come in every week to maintain your lawn and keep it looking lush and beautiful may be a luxury that you can’t afford.  When times get tough you may have to make some cutbacks and saving money on your lawn care costs might be an option for you.  How can you reduce the costs without affecting the appearance and health of your lawn?  Let’s look at how you can save money.

Reduce the Frequency of Service

If you are getting your lawn done weekly during the summer months when the grass grows quickly then you are being charged for each and every time the lawn care company shows up.  Change your service from weekly to bi-weekly or even just once a month.  In between times the onus will be on you to look after the lawn but it will save you money overall.

Check Pricing

If you have been dealing with the same company for years and years it may be time to shop around and see if there is a better deal out there.  You can check with the competitors and see if you can’t get a better price.  You can use that number to negotiate with your current company and get a better deal if you are happy with their services.

Water Less Often

If your sprinkler system works on a timer then reset the amount of time to only half the normal watering time.  Make sure that you water your lawn either in the late evening or very early morning.  It will save you a ton on your water bills and won’t affect your lawn much if at all.

Make it a Chore

If you have kids then use the time honored tradition of getting them to mow the lawn for you.  If you cut back on the number of times that your lawn care company comes out once a month then get your kids to handle it the rest of the summer.  You can use it as a method for your teenager to earn their allowance or pocket money.  Kids have been doing it since lawns were invented and yours will live through the experience too.  If you don’t have teenagers then there is probably a kid in the neighborhood that could use the money.

Saving money on your lawn care costs isn’t as hard as you might think, a couple of changes is all you need to make a significant savings.