Spring Lawn Care

Spring Lawn Care

After a long winter when the snow is finally gone and the temperatures finally warm up there is only one problem, your grass looks terrible.  But don’t worry it can be fixed and you can have your lush green grass back in no time at all.  Here are some spring lawn care tips to get your lawn back in shape.

When the temperatures drop in the cold winter months your grass goes into a state of dormancy.  It stops growing and it looks terrible, the state of dormancy during the winter makes it probe to damage because of freezing temperatures and the accumulation of snow.  For your grass to start looking good you need to start fixing the winter damage.

Cleaning Up the Debris

Before you start cutting the grass or laying down any seed you need to let your lawn dry out.  Grass that has too much water or is soggy can sustain damage when you try and cultivate it.  Once the area has dried out then you need to clean up any debris that has been left behind.  Raking the lawn will serve two purposes, it will pull up any debris and help to aerate the soil underneath.  Use a hard tine rake it will aerate and remove dead grass, plants and debris.

Deal with the Weeds

While you don’t actually have any weeds on your lawn yet now is the perfect time to prevent them from growing.  If you are prone to crab grass then you want to use weed killer early in April.  Once you apply the weed killer then you need to water the lawn.  Keeping your grass well-trimmed will also help to keep weeds from getting a foothold in your lawn.

Adding Fertilizer

Fertilizer gives your grass food and encourages healthy new growth above ground and in the root system.  The right fertilizer will create a lush healthy lawn, the grass will start to grow once the temperature reach 60F then your grass will start to grow again.  Don’t fertilize too early and don’t use a high nitrogen mix, they will help your lawn grow but it won’t help the root system.

If you want to have an amazing lawn this summer then you need to start taking care of it in the spring.  Taking some care in the spring will make sure everything looks fantastic all through the summer.