Sprinkler Systems for Green Grass

Sprinkler Systems for Green Grass

We all want perfect green lawns with flowers blooming and healthy shrubs but perfect landscaping doesn’t happen by accident.  A lush lawn takes love and care and a whole bunch of work.  One of the things that is crucial to a healthy lawn is a good supply of water.  Now you can go out there with the hose every time your lawn needs it but that will get old after a while so a sprinkler system is your best option.

Residential Sprinkler Systems

You have two options for sprinklers you can get the above ground systems or you can have an in-ground system put in.  Most people have the above ground option it is quick and easy and it won’t cost much.  You can pick up a sprinkler system at any home improvement store.  The draw backs are that if you have a bigger lawn you will have to move it around to make sure the entire lawn gets adequate water.

In-Ground Systems

In-ground systems are extremely convenient you can make sure that the entire lawn gets enough water.  You can set a timer for them so that they come on at the perfect time of day and only water your grass for a specific amount of time.  They are also mostly hidden from view so you’re not stuck looking at a sprinkler in the middle of the yard.  The drawback is that they are expensive to install and you will have to get a contractor in to take care of it for you.

Which to Choose

There are dozens of different options when it comes to getting a sprinkler system whether you opt for an in-ground or above ground system.  From just a basic sprinkler that rotates back and forth to a high tech system laid out in zones all across your yard.  You can activate your sprinkler manually or have it working on some type of timer system.  Which you choose will largely depend on your budget and the size of the lawn that you have to keep watered.  If you are still unsure about which is right for you then talk to a lawn care company.  They can make recommendations based on your lawn and the area of the country that you live in.

A green lush lawn starts with regular watering and the right sprinkler system can help to make sure that your lawn is watered regularly.