How to Keep Weeds Out of Your Lawn

How to Keep Weeds Out of Your Lawn

A well-kept lawn contributes to the aesthetic appearance of a home. Many homeowners want a perfect lawn all year round, but few people understand what it takes to maintain it. Maintaining an ideal lawn is more than just trimming, mowing, and planting beautiful plants and flowers. Weeds are a significant threat to lawns; hence, one needs to use proper strategies to get rid of unwanted weeds in the yard. Discussed below are ways to keep weeds out of your lawn.

  1. Apply fertilizer and sprinkler water strategically

When you’re applying fertilizer to your crops in the lawn, you should pay attention not put fertilizer on unwanted weeds. Alternatively, you can find a fertilizer with chemical compounds that eliminate the undesirable weeds only without harming the crop or grass. Similarly, when hydrating the soil, you should avoid watering-places with weeds because seeds on the ground will germinate and become uncontrollable.

  1. Avoid digging or tilling

Use other gardening methods which do not disturb the soil much because digging or tilling will bring new unwanted weeds seeds to the surface, encouraging them to germinate. If you want to plant new seeds, you should only dig holes of the right length as needed. Also, no-till gardening methods help improve soil fertility and structure.

  1. Try using mulch

Find comprehensive sources of good mulch such as compost, grass clippings, wood chips, or straw bearing in mind not to collect mulch with unwanted seeds. Covering your lawn with such organic matter will smoother and inhibit weed growth by depriving them of essentials for growth such as sunlight. It also prevents the underneath seeds from germinating.

  1. Do not let the weed seeds disperse

It’s always wise to know your enemy in the garden concerning weeds. Try as much as you can to eliminate weeds or seeds pods that are about to disperse manually by pulling them out. When one seed pod disperse, can result in hundreds of new unwanted seeds in your lawn, making it hard to control them once they fall and germinate.

  1. Pull out the unwanted weeds manually

Finally, this might seem like a tiring job, but in some situations, it’s crucial. If the visible weeds are few, you can use your hands to uproot them off the ground manually. You can ask a friend to lend you a hand and get the work done faster.

Weeds are a significant threat to good lawns in many homes and should be gotten rid of by any means possible before they become a menace. If you’re wondering how to get rid of the growing weeds that are affecting the aesthetic beauty of your home, then this article is meant for you.